“The very best price around as well as the nicest and most efficient service. Usually come the next day and are always super pleasant and helpful.”

Nicest people I ever did business with. Their prices are always the lowest, the woman in the office couldn’t be any nicer or more helpful and I believe her husband delivers the oil. Always when she says or before so their prices are always lowest and the service couldn’t be any better and this is my fourth year of using them. Once, I asked about the oil quality and was told it comes from the same place every other company gets theirs and is government tested each day. Last week I had a furnace problem and had to shut it off so I called them and they referred me to Chandler in Northford and within 1 hour, problem was fixed so I see no reason to pay much more and have a service contract when they were right there when trouble arose.

Paul J.

First Fuel is a top notch business. Always deliver when they say they will and prices are great. Nicest people to deal with also.

Kathy R.

#1- always the cheapest for oil!! Don’t even bother calling anyone else
#2- top notch customer service. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve run out of oil, and they will always accommodate me . This kind of customer service hardly exists in today world.
#3-always always friendly!!

Monika A.

These guys are the BEST! I have been with them since 2008 and they continue to be the lowest priced oil company around and the service is great!  They make doing business with them so easy and a pleasure. They take all credit cards and you can call for a quick delivery or go on their automatic delivery system. Their web sight even shows the daily price for oil that the other guys are to afraid of doing. They are so concerned about customer satisfaction they even called me to thank me for making a path for them thru the snow from the street to my oil fill pipe. They go out of their way to get you the oil when you need it the most. Keep up the GREAT customer service.

John C

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